Here we've collected some ideas on ways to make using Postcards as accessible as possible.

  1. Label the buttons
  2. Boost the sound
  3. Keep the iPad charged
  4. Clear the interface
  5. Which iPad?
  6. Wifi vs 3G
  • Label the buttons

    Labeling the iPad buttons is often helpful for older users. It's easy to do with your own stickers, but for something more durable we've created a skin for the iPad 2 and later.

    The files below can be used to make a custom skin at

    Download the image files.
    Download the Photoshop file (advanced users).

    Visit the Gelaskins website.

  • Boost the sound

    The iPad speakers aren't very powerful, and if the recipient has poor hearing it can help to give the sound a boost. The Soundjaw is an easy to use clip that redirects the sound and gives it a significant boost.

    Visit the Soundjaw website.

  • Keep the iPad charged

    Buy an iPad dock, and make sure the recipient puts it on the dock when they're finished. It's an easier habit to learn than fiddling with wires.

    Visit the Apple website.

  • Clear the interface

    If you don't expect the recipient to use apps other than Postcards it can make things easier to move the other apps into a group, and put the Postcards app on the 'shelf' at the bottom so it's always visible.

  • Which iPad?

    Postcards works fine with all iPads, but despite this, if you can, we recommend using a full size iPad - the mini can be hard for people with poor eyesight.

  • Wifi vs 3G

    If you can afford the extra expense, we recommend using a 3G iPad rather than a wifi one. It means the recipient can take their Postcards with them anywhere to show others, and helps minimize any fussing with cables.